Clixsense Survey tips clixsense survey tricks

Clixsense Survey tips clixsense survey tricks

Clixsense Survey Tips
Clixsense survey tricks To complete Surveys

Clixsense survey tips :

Is Clixsense  Legit –


Clixsense is 100% a legit website. It has been paying its members regularly without a single complaint since 2007.


How to complete surveys in clixsense Survey Tips :

how to qualify for clixsense surveys –

Clixsense is world’s best and most trusted PTC site online since 2007 On 17 July 2017, ClixSense changed its business model to discontinue their core business, PTC ads to concentrate on surveys, tasks and offers.

they have a huge number of surveys compared to any other survey panel because they have 6 survey panels attached in the site. And those survey really pays well each survey pay you from $0.60 to $ 3

But the problem is qualifying for those surveys

How to get direct referrals

How to qualify for clixsense surveys ?
Clixsense survey tips –

Today I’m going to tell you some interesting & amazing things about clixsense survey.that increase your qualifying rate and earnings..

Clixsense survey tips to qualify for clixsense survey :

how to qualify for clixsense surveys ?

These are the question that help you to qualify for survey

1 : Your Age ?
“30 to 35”

2 : Are you the primary decision maker of your house hold?


3 : Do you buy grocery for your house?
” YES”

4 : Do you or someone in your household work in these Industry?

5 : Did you participate in any market related survey in this month?

6 : Do you have any land for Agriculture ?

7 : What is your current employment?
“Self-employed or Business Owner”

8 : Have you take any flight in last 12 months?

9 : Have you watched TV Yesterday?

10 : Never give bad comments about any brand.

This list increase your qualifying rates on Clixsense.
( Clixsense survey tips . Clixsense survey tricks) Tips and tricks to complete clixsense surgerys .complete surveys Earn money online through clixsense.


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