How To Earn 500$ Per Month By PTC Site

W3adz Strategy to earn 500$ per month.

W3adz is paying instantly, Join W3adz now and start making huge profits.
RR avg is awesome for both Standard and Upgraded members. It’s very easy to earn 500$ per month by W3adz.

What is W3adz ?

W3adz is a PTC site registered company by can group, Paying Instantly since 7 April 2017.
W3adz is using revolution script and has a responsive design.
W3adz has several other ways to earn other than paid to click ads. Join to explore.

How to earn/make money from W3adz ?


To earn money from W3adz.first you need to Create An Account  so. You can earn by Viewing Ads, Playing AdGrid, Renting Referrals You can earn $0.05+ daily simply by viewing Ads as a standard member. Each ad will make you earn $0.01.
You can earn commissions form the clicks made by your Direct Referrals.
You can also earn huge profits form Rented Referrals both as a Standard and Upgraded member.

What is W3adz RR strategy to earn 500$ per month ?


If you want to earn money from W3adz as a standard member then you should consider Renting Referrals because they are profitable.
Each RR cost on W3adz is $0.20 and RR click rate for Standard members is $0.005.
BEP is 1.33 and the avg you will be getting as a Standard member is 1.7+ so you will making $12+ profit a month from 200 RR’s as a Standard member.

• If you want to earn 500$ per month form W3adz then you should upgrade your account to Golden which costs 59.99$. now $54.99, a year.
After Upgrading your account to Golden, you should start Renting Referrals which costs $0.20 each, The more RR’s you have the more profits you will make there.
The Max RR limit for Golden members is 2000, RR click rate is $0.01 BEP is 0.66 and the RR avg for Golden members is also great . If you have 2000 RR’s then you will be making approximately $500 – $600 pure profit every month.
You can also earn huge profits if you have active Direct Referrals because as a Golden member you will be earning $0.005 form every click made by them. So don’t waste your time Join W3adz today and start your journey to earn 500$ per month.

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