How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Site

How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Site

How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Sites

How to get free referrals fast? How to get direct referrals ? Direct Referrals are those people who joins and works in the PTC sites through your invitation link. This is done by advertising your affiliate link . You will get percentage of their income ranging from 10-50% depending on the PTC sites and it doesn’t affect his/her earning at all. More referrals you have more you earn.

How to get direct referrals for clixsense for free

1 Create a Blog to get direct referrals –

This is perhaps the most used and the best method to make referrals. Because if your blog visitors come organically from Google search  , Bing search    you can expect them to be interested in this PTC subject.

If you have a well designed blog that discusses about the benefits of joining the PTC sites you recommend, it would not be very difficult to get good number of referrals. If your blog is well designed and it attracts organic traffic, your blog will become your primary source of getting direct referrals

2 : Buy Ads From Other PTC sites to get direct referrals –

Buying cheap ad packages from other Top PTC sites works most of the time, this is another good way of getting active referrals .Banner advertising has always been the cheapest way to get direct referrals.


3 :.Create YouTube Videos to get direct referrals –

Youtube is the most popular video uploading site online right now. It’s also quite easy to upload a video on youtube and to subsequently rank it. Google also gives YouTube videos a priority in the rankings seeing that YouTube is owned by Google.

4 : Use Traffic Exchanges to Get direct referrals –

Traffic exchange sites basically give you an opportunity to get traffic to a new site. You visit other sites and earn points and this points can be used to bring visitors to your site and if they are interested they might even join you. Referral builder also works the same as traffic exchange but the difference here is that you can publish your signup page in turn of viewing their signup page.

 – how to get direct referrals for clixsense for free

5 : Active in Money Making Forums to get direct referrals –

Internet  offers many forum sites about money making where you can
promote your link. Here is a list with the forums you can use like –
.. eg.•

Conclusion –

these are simple methods to get direct referrals for clixsense for free


  1. Creating Youtube videos with tutorials/reviews is one good method to get direct referrals. Viewers find these kinds of videos useful and they are joining.

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