5 Top High Paying Niches For Google Adsense in 2017

5 Top High Paying Niches For Google Adsense in 2017

5 Top High Paying Niches For Google Adsense In 2017
High Paying Niches For Google Adsense in 2017

Are you are looking for high paying niches for Google Adsense  then you are at right is place. Adsense is one of the best & highly trusted source of earning for many bloggers around the world. You can easily make thousand of dollars from it if you have a unique content rich blog in a high-paying niche.

High Paying Niches for Google Adsense in 2017
High Paying Niches for Google Adsense in 2017

Adsense is the most trusted and High Paying CPC Ad Network used by most bloggers and proffessional sites. Also you dont have to worry about ad content because you will get targeted ads related to your content.Adsense ads displayed are related to your content so its basically the niche of the content which decides the best cpc for your ads.


Top 5 High Paying Best Niches To Make Money With Adsense in 2017 :

Here are Top 5 High Paying Adsense Niches for 2017 –

1 : Health & Fitness Blogs .

Health & Fitness blogs are a good niche to start with a wide range of article and news,you can earn a good amount of cpc . Most Commonly blogs are based on “How to Reduce Or Lose your Weight ” Or “How to Stay Fit ” “ how to gain weight fast” and many more. Health & Fitness blogs mostly receive organic traffic from USA, Europe. resulting to High CPC upto $10 to $ 50.

2 : Insurance Blogs :

Insurance is also one of high paying niche. Insurance niche can do an excellent task of increasing your adsense income. You should do proper keyword research before making a blog on insurance niche. This niche also require excellent understanding of the subject. There are different types of insurance like vehicle insurance, health insurance etc. Just making a blog on this niche will not give you high adsense income, you should have proper planning on how to rank in search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

3 : Donations Blogs :

Blogs on Donation like donating car to church. Donating cars to charity , donating cars to Salvation Army. donating cars to goodwill are most popular in this network. Donation based blogs have very high cpc rates among all the adsense top niches.

4 : Flights :

Flights is the most Expensive niche on Google adsense, which is fairly irritating to numerous blog writers however Airline business are investing too much on their ad, which is the factor individuals are likewise getting high CPC in this niche.

5 : Tech Blogs :

Tech blogs are most searched blogs on daily basis along with news blogs.Science , Innovation and Tech news are main topics covered in this niche.Latest technology trends and happening in technolgy are browsed mostly.

These are the top 5 High Paying Niches For Google AdSense in 2017


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